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Train The Trainer

Targets trainer or potential trainer who wish to enhance their training skills and ability in conducting training .


Our Mentoring Program facilitates the sharing of knowledge, experience, skills and perspectives.


Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities.

Client Testimonials:

Salam ukhwah. Very interesting attend the training for 2 days. Gained a new knowledge and experience about the Human behavior, personality traits, communication and handling a conflicts, etc. Really enjoy in your class. You make my life difference and meaningful. Now i can transfer and transform that knowledge to my work field, Management task and my further study as well. Many thanks Mr Salim, for fantastic guiding and coaching.

Abd Rashid Abd Raup (Dove to Eagle Character), Clinical Perfusionist and Reg MA, Cardiac OT SUNMED

Client Testimonials:

Hi Salim, I was waiting for quite a while at the end of the class to shake hand with you but you were so so occupied by all my friends. (I had to rush home due to family commitment) Just want to say that I enjoy very much during yesterday and today’s class faciliated by you. Your teaching and sharing were amazing. Thank you very much. May God bless you with good health peace and joy.

Yvonne, Nurse Manager from Sunway Medical Centre

Client Testimonials:

Hi there Salim, So glad to hear from you. Well, I had a very good and fruitful 2 days training session with you and would like to “Thank You” for sharing your “Wisdom” with us. Will definitely keep in touch. Take care.

Ewe Boon Lay, Senior Manager, Nursing Specialist Outpatient Clinic, Sunway Medical Centre